07 Apr 2016

Class victory at the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge

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Jutta Kleinschmidt and Tina Thörner have successfully finished the Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge 2016 in their new X-raid Buggy CBRA. On four of five stages the two ladies had to fight some problems like tire changes, digging in the sand dunes and a gear box damage. With all this the team lost a lot of time. Against that the last stage went without any problems and Jutta and Tina were very pleased about the 8th place overall on this stage. Because of a penalty of 13:30 hours due to the gearbox damage the German/Swedish team finished the rally on the 23rd place overall out of 45 finishers.

Jutta: „Now we know where the buggy stands compared to the other race cars. The rally brought a lot of new findings. We knew that we still have a lot of work in front of us. Definitely we need some test drives to tune the suspension rightly. The tuning is difficult during the race. We only could test one set up a day. With the cooling system regarding motor, gearbox and fuel supply we are very happy. The engine has worked very well and he chassis is really strong.

The experience out of the race is very important for the progress in development of the rear driven X-raid Buggy CBRA and will help to initiate the next steps. Jutta: „ My team has worked threw some nights. I am very grateful for their superb commitment before and during the race.”

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