25 Mai 2016

Electrified: ITK Engineering and Jutta Kleinschmidt at the World’s Largest E-Mobility Rally

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With their participation in WAVE TROPHY 2016, the technology company and the motorsports professional show their support for electromobility

Employees of ITK Engineering and Jutta Kleinschmidt will compete as a team in the world’s biggest e-mobility rally. Low on range? Less driving pleasure? Unsuitable for everyday life? Through their participation in WAVE TROPHY 2016, the rally driver and the development engineers from the technology company will combine to dispel such prejudices and build confidence in e-mobility. The route will commence on 10th June 2016 in Bremerhaven, and will end 1600 kilometres later on 18th June in Liestal near Basle. Together with 79 other teams, in a wide range of different electric vehicles, they will be stopping off en route at companies, schools, universities and tourist sites, to focus attention on the topic of electro-mobility. The team will be sharing their experiences during their trip (in a BMW i3), their impressions of the route, and their key findings, via a video diary on Facebook ‒ making the e-mobility rally accessible to everyone.

“By taking part in the WAVE TROPHY we are underlining our efforts to show active support for the development of sustainable technologies. As a development partner of the automobile industry, we are contributing to the development of mobility for tomorrow, and of ever more energy efficient and safer vehicles”, said Michael Englert, CEO and founder of ITK Engineering. The company provides support for the electrification of drives and auxiliary units, for example with customised electronic control units which are used for reliable, predictive battery and range management as well as intelligent charging and operating strategies, development of functions and applications for energy flow optimisation, and reduction of CO2 and fuel consumption. The portfolio is complemented by modelling and simulation of power train and wiring systems etc., as well as battery emulators for verification and validation.

Jutta Kleinschmidt, who joins the ITK team between 11th and 13th June, will provide skilful support. She will take over the wheel as team leader for the stretch from Bremerhaven to Mannheim

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