08 Aug 2015

Lap record for Jutta Kleinschmidt at the GORM 24 hours race

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Jutta Kleinschmidt drove the fastest lap at the GORM-24-hour Off Road race in Poland (Olszyna). For the nearly 15-kilometer round she needed with their Polaris Buggy only 11 minutes and 15 seconds, 24 seconds faster than the second car in the side-by-side class. In the overall standings, the team was able to prove the 7th Place with an almost standard Polaris XP 1000. The other drivers in the team were the journalists and team boss Michael Podlogar and the Auto Bild journalist Bernd Volkens.
The 24-hour race is held once a year during the German Offroad Masters (GORM) and it is the only race of its kind. For the first time the event was held in Poland and not in Germany.

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