Desert Academy

WuestenakademieWe initiated the Desert Academy in the autumn of 2000. In this training you can learn everything you need to know about living and surviving in the desert. A course lasts one week. The most important thing is to have fun working in a team, you need to like the desert and a little bit of fitness isn’t bad either.

The seven days in a camp in Tunisia are packed: navigation, orientation, driving in sand off the beaten tracks, how to concentrate, and how to relax, discover and experience.

To be more precise: You will learn how to conquer that steep dune in your car, and how to get out of it once you´re stuck, how to navigate in the desert with the help of the good old map and a compass as well as GPS. And I will tell you a few secrets about navigation at express speed in a desert rally like the Paris-Dakar. Driver training and vehicle control on sand, in deep sand and over gravel are on the schedule, as are minor repairs to your vehicle.

Our guests drive various legs only following their GPS and the roadbook, and they do it entirely on their own. The big challenge lies in the navigation and in managing the dune stretches, not in the speed. Two people share one car, they swap from driving to navigating several times during our tour.

When night falls over the desert, we’ll have a good rest, fo rinstance in the romantic oasis of Ksar Ghilane, where we can relax in the hot springs – it´s a great way to prepare for the next day and its challenges.

At the moment, we unfortunately can’t offer Desert Academy courses.