Special Trainings

Safety trainings and courses to acquire motorsport licences

Trainingsprogramme Drive safely every day, learn to recognise the limits of your car early enough or even acquire a C licence for motorsport – all that and much more is offered in special training courses.

Since more than a decade, I am working on improving the safety in road traffic but I also offer driving courses and incentives in adventure tours and as part of special off road events. With Mitsubishi, I used to work as an instructor for safety trainings and courses to acquire the racing licence. I have also worked already with BMW, conducting driver trainings and desert tours for the Munich company. My experience as an instructor also covers the Marlboro Adventure Tours and the Fulda Challenge. The Desert Academy is the first event of my own.

Groups which are interested in special driver trainings are most welcome to contact me. I am prepared to offer individual incentives for groups. Please send your application to jutta@jutta-kleinschmidt.de.