18 Apr 2014

Sealine Cross-Country Rally, from April 20 to 25

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Back in the desert!

The FIA has nominated Jutta Kleinschmidt and Fabrizia Pons as the crew of the FIA Cross-Country opening car for the Sealine Cross-Country Rally in Qatar, a event of the FIA World Cup for Cross-Country Rallies. Jutta and Fabrizia start to drive the 5 stages 3 days before the competitors with a T2 Toyota Land Cruiser.

The Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF) has announced final route details of the most ambitious event of its kind ever to be staged in the State of Qatar. 
The world’s leading bikers and drivers, many of whom competed in last week’s Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge, will tackle five demanding selective sections across the Qatar desert. In a compact total route of 1,912.95km, 90.94% (1,739.55km) will be competitive.

 Motorcycles, cars and quads, including last week’s winners of the respective categories will tackle similar stages, starting with a 164.18km section on April 21, which winds its way from the Losail circuit in the north of Qatar to a finish near the Sealine bivouac to the south of Doha.
QMMF officials have introduced a 396.46km second section for April 22 and that includes a wide variety of sandy and rocky terrain and requires precise navigational skills. There is no respite and the third loop around Sealine on April 23 includes a daunting competitive section of 411.76km. The penultimate desert section on April 24 runs for 404.18km and the final stage on Friday, April 25th offers 362.97 competitive kilometers.

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