17 Jun 2015

WIMC-QMMF Women’s Cross Country Selection

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We want to encourage more women into motor sport. In collaboration with the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission (WIMC) and the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation (QMMF), Jutta Kleinschmidt host a worldwide women’s cross country rally selection and training programme which will result in a driver and co-driver being offered a fully-funded drive in the 2016 Sealine Cross Country Rally.

The call for candidates for the ‘WIMC-QMMF Women’s Cross Country Selection’, launched through the FIA’s global network of National Sporting Authorities (ASNs), appeals to individual women drivers and co-drivers aged between 18 and 35 to apply through their ASN for an initial selection process based on information provided in their curriculum vitae. Up to eight drivers and eight co-drivers from around the world will then be selected to attend a five-day training session in Qatar in November.

Michèle Mouton, President of the FIA Women in Motorsport Commission, added: “This is an incredible opportunity and a great initiative by QMMF and its President. Cross country is a spectacular endurance discipline and one that really pushes competitors to their mental and physical limits. It’s a sport I also firmly believe more women can succeed at, as Jutta proved when she won Dakar in 2001.”

Candidates for the WIMC-QMMF Women’s Cross Country Selection must hold a valid national and/or international license and apply to their ASN before the closing date of 1 September. The individually selected drivers and co-drivers must be prepared to fund their own travel to the five- day Qatar training camp and provide their own FIA approved race wear, but after this the Qatar Motor and Motorcycle Federation will fully host the participants during the training and selection process. Training will cover all the driving, equipment and navigational techniques required for cross country rallying, as well as mechanics and rally strategy.

The selected driver and co-driver will then embark on their five-day date with the desert on April 2016’s Sealine Cross Country Rally.

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